Fleet Management


Due to the vast number of merchant and suppliers on our database we can assist in identifying and choosing the right merchant or supplier for the job and also assist in negotiating preferential pricing.


By having a single platform where all cost elements are managed from and even catering for a maintenance solution we have the Total Cost of Ownership under wraps and can identify assets which are nearing replacement or have exceeded their economic life cycle.


A host of reports are available allowing for Management Information Reports ranging from assets, cost centres, usage expenditure, routes, tyres, insurance, tracking, exceptions, etc.


Due to the vast number of merchant and suppliers on our database we can assist in identifying and choosing the right merchant or supplier for the job and also assist in negotiating preferential pricing.


With the aid of technology and our ability to analyse mega data performance benchmarking on vehicles, utilisation and people is just another service we offer.


As we are collecting data across the entire spectrum of the fleet we can do various analytical models advising customers on best buys and vehicles selection.


Seeing that most cost elements and behavioural elements are consolidated in our solution we can measure the productivity of each asset as well as individuals. The more accurate and complete the input the better the measurements.


This goes hand in hand with determining the economic life of an asset. Given we have managed the asset through it’s entire life there is a documented history of the asset which can aid in obtaining the best replacement value on the asset. We also assist in the disposal of these assets.


Every asset has an economical life cycle. Again based on all the cost elements being tracked, monitored and managed we can advise on when it is best to repair or replace each asset.

We believe that when you have insight in the costs surrounding your assets, you can make better informed decisions having a direct positive impact on the management of your fleet and therefor impacting positively on the bottom line of the entire organisation.

The Business Discipline if Fleet Management Control


By knowing and negotiating on the original purchase price you can positively influence the disposal value of your asset.


By choosing the appropriate financing option for your asset you may save mega bugs on the finance cost of the vehicle and thereby have a much better return on your investment and reduce the monthly cost attached to the asset.


At Freeway we ensure you have the appropriate insurance for your assets and your company. Various insurance offerings are available and can be tailor made to suite your specific needs and budget. See the section on insurance for more detail. Your insurance data is fully integrated with the rest of your fleet’s data providing for a single FLEET MANAGEMENT platform.


REGO is tracking device agnostic and can integrate almost any tracking device. Freeway has partnered with a few tracking companies to directly supply services to its customers and depending on the volume even at discounted rates. Your tracking data is then fully integrated with your fuel card data providing unmatched insight in the operational aspect of your fleet.


At Freeway we understand and respect that every customer is different and are at different levels of FLEET MANAGEMENT MATURITY. We assist every customer making the best of a bad situation and caters for the manual input of any transaction through to a fully integrated model with its Fleet Card Supplier eg Standard Bank Fleet, FNB Fleet, Ned Fleet or ABSA Fleet card.


The dreaded fine can sneak up on a very unsuspected Fleet Manager. Allow Freeway to manage this on your behalf and you will never be surprised again. Freeway will assist in obtaining the fine, negotiate a discount (where applicable) and even redirect the fine to the appropriate driver.


This is another nightmare in any organisation. Freeway offers a fully comprehensive and integrated Vehicle License Management solution. All your assets data can be uploaded into Freeway from where Vehicle licensing will be monitored and managed. You will receive notification of outstanding Licenses and Licenses due for renewal. This includes COF’s (Certificate of Fitness).


Did you know it can cost your company millions when your drivers are involved in accidents and they do not have a valid driver’s license. With Freeway we help mitigate this risk by keeping the status of a driver and its license status current ensuring he is appropriately licensed before leaving with your asset and in some cases hundreds of thousands value in cargo.


Probably the most expensive item in your fleet right next to People and Fuel. With REGO we allow you to keep a close eye on all vehicle related expenses. We also offer a solution whereby you can manage your own Repairs and Maintenance contact centre. All R&M transactions are captured and managed on REGO allowing you to know exactly how much you have spent on the asset already and if the new cost is cost effective and in line with industry benchmarking related to costs. If you have set a replacement benchmark/value you will be notified accordingly and facilitate a process of disposal and procurement as well.


This is always a challenge when it comes to disposing your assets. We can assist with the entire process and ensure you get an acceptable return when disposing of your assets. When procuring a vehicle it is always advisable that you measure and monitor the assets cost history and dispose of it at the right time and cost.


At Freeway we acknowledge that managing accidents can be as painful as being in the accident yourself. We allow for streamlined process which will keep you in touch and up to date with the status of each accident report as well as the claim status and progress. When making use of REGO it is all integrated and available at the touch of a button and sometimes without.