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• License management for your assets are a very critical component of Fleet management and If not done properly can cripple your fleet and become a very costly exercise to bring it back to a manageable stage.

• Freeway-AA allows you to focus on your core business while the system takes care of the detail of ensuring your fleet is licensed properly.

• When taking on a fleet on Freeway-AA all the relevant license detail of an asset is captured with the asset. The application will prompt you when certain actions are due. You choose the frequency and time to action. Freeway-AA will do the rest and ensure timely renewals of such licenses.


• License Management for people is mainly a warning solution advising the driver as well as the relevant parties within the organisation that a particular driver is due for their driver license renewal.

• At time of taking on the assets of an organisation there is also a take-on process for people (especially drivers). It is very important for organisations to know that their assets and drivers are legally on the road.

• Once a driver’s license is renewed it is up to the driver to inform the relevant administrator to update such detail on the application to keep the information current. The application will keep on advising the relevant parties that actions are outstanding until such time it is updated. The same true for PrDP (Professional Driving Permit


• Abnormal permits are issued for haulage that exceeds the boundaries of normal freight. Each province has its own issuing department as well as its own rules which make abnormal permits cumbersome for haulers.

• At Freeway we can advise which permits will be required. Be it a weight permit or a size permit. We will order and courier the permits to any destination in South Africa as per your requirements.

• It is not legal to transport goods without the proper permit. The legal implications for your company will be dire in the event of an accident where a permit was either not issued or requested incorrectly.


• Freeway-AA puts you in control of your assets.

• Know the state of your assets and protect it from abuse.

• Understand the function of your assets and ensure it executes that function cost-effectively.

• With Freeway-AA you can make better-informed decisions by seeing the bigger picture of your assets in motion.

• Freeway-AA allows you to manage your spending and allow you to know when the asset exceeds the allowed expenditure


• Get your insurance options sorted by using Freeway-AA. Your fleet disciplines will determine whether self insurance is an option as well as what level of self insurance is necessary.

• Freeway partnered with one of the best commercial insurance brokers in the business to optimize your insurance expenses.

• Freeway-AA empowers you to negotiate the best rates based on your empirical data collected and your proven disciplines.


• Fines Management is a misnomer out in the market place. It is sometimes very difficult to manage the fines but we are in a position to help you mitigate the risks attached to Fines on your fleet or employees.

• Freeway-AA also does Fine Management for individuals.

• With AARTO becoming a reality; it is crtitical that the users of your company assets are legally on the road with the appropriate steps taken to ensure fines are actioned as required.

Our vision

The vision of Freewa-AAy is to provide a world class Asset and Automotive Administration service to all our customers through a multilingual and multi currency technology platform.

Our Mission

Freeway-AA is the single point of call to all individuals, corporate clients and small business owners, for any Asset and Asset Management services by, delivering excellent service and advice using our extensive network of suppliers and partners, enabled by technology.

What we do

Freeway-AA conducts business in Asset and Automotive Administration, Insurance services, Fleet management services, Transportation Permits, License management, Fines management and Fuel Management. In the above mentioned categories we supply products, services and personnel to effectively and efficiently manage your fleet or any number of vehicles regardless of the size and configuration. We take the hassle out of managing your fines and license renewals for your vehicles. Through our extensive network of suppliers and partners we can manage a number of aspects of your moveable and even fixed assets.


Our Core Values

Freeway-AA subscribes to the following values:

About Us

Freeway-AA was established in 2013. With headquarters in Centurion, Freeway-AA(Pty) Ltd provides superior fleet and asset management solutions and customer service to its clients in various industries, including Finance, Insurance (Short and Long term), Fleet Management, Manufacturing and other.

Freeway-AA (Pty) Ltd brings a fresh and innovative approach to fleet management, acting as a supplier of technical professionals to suit clients’ needs. We understand the challenges that many businesses face when managing assets and fleets. We also know what organisations look for when looking for fleet management solutions. Our ultimate goal is to go beyond the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value.

Our solutions are distinguished by its functional and technical expertise and ability, together with our hands-on experience, ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.

Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of Fleet and Asset management.

Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Freeway-AA (Pty) Ltd the ideal choice as a partner in fleet management and solutions provider to help our clients meet their business goals. We are committed to our clients’ utmost satisfaction and our commitment shows in the way we conduct our business.

We also believe in the Kaizen philosophy – Continuous improvement.

At Freeway-AA (Pty) Ltd we are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist clients to successfully manage and maintain their fleets optimally and allow for sustainable growth.

Freeway ensure black economic empowerment in its procurement practices, social economic upliftment and enterprise development. Freeway is currently 100% white owned and managed company with plans to expand its operation and black ownership within the next 12 months.

Freeway is being managed on a bespoke system running on a central server and under management of Freeway. As a client, you can register on the system and monitor all interactions by a click of a button.

With a fully integrated and device agnostic solution we can assist in managing all aspects of your fleet and other assets.

The technology allows for almost any type of data integration whether from a device itself or from another system.

The solution is server based and can operate in a cloud environment leaving a zero footprint on the users IT infrastructure. The roll out and implementation of the solution is virtually immediate.